NFL Funded Report

ESPN discusses the results of an NFL-funded report that states the average high school football player is nearly twice as likely to suffer a brain injury as a college player.  Click here to watch.

PBS Frontline – Concussion Watch

Concussion Watch is an effort to monitor the NFL’s response to the persistent risk of head injury in professional football.”

LSU tracks contacts with helmet sensor

College football is tracking contact in practice helmets.  Click here to watch.  More contact in certain positions.

Neurocognitive tests key to assessing concussions

Here is a recent article from Sports Illustrated regarding concussion management [Read]

More Information

ACA is happy to help you find more information regarding concussions, medical care, and high school athletics in Indiana.  Please visit these websites to help you find what you’re looking for.

  • ImPACT Applications, Inc.
    Learn more about the ImPACT concussion management software including validity, how the test works, who uses it, and much more.
  • ImPACT Office
    See published articles about ImPACT.  Get video clips on concussions in sports.  Access documents to distribute to parents, schools, teachers, and coaches.
    Find information on athletics occurring around the state and ways you can support Indiana’s athletes.
  • St.Vincent Sports Performance
  • Visit St.Vincent Sports Performance  to find resources for professional, competitive and recreational athletes.
  • Clarian Human Motion
    Visit Clarian Human Motion to  find resources to fit your health needs.
  • CDC “Heads Up”
    Valuable information and free materials to distribute to parents and coaches regarding head injuries in youth sports.
  • Indiana Athletic Trainers’ Association
    See how certified athletic trainers are making a difference in health care around the state.
  • Brain Injury Association of Indiana
    Variety of helpful information regarding brain injuries and trauma.  Find useful materials and ways to get involved.
  • Xenith
    Innovative new football helmet, Xenith X1, available for purchase for athletes of all ages.  See website for details.
  • ACA Facebook Group
    Help us reach as many people as possible with this networking tool.  We may find someone looking for answers about concussions.
  • The Messier Project
    Hockey legend lends his name and expertise to developing a new helmet for hockey.
  • USA Football
    USA Football works to educate athletes, parents coaches and officials regarding safety in sports.