How can a concussed player get back on the ice?

This is a brief explanation of protocol used by the NHL for return to play.

Concussions reported in NFL up 21 percent from last season

It appears the number of concussions is larger than last year, but the head, neck and spine medical committee feels like the culture is changing. Read the article here.

Neurocognitive tests key to assessing concussions

Here is a recent article from Sports Illustrated regarding concussion management [Read]

Our Clinicians

These clinicians have been trained to administer, read, and interpret ImPACT test results.  They can access ACA baseline tests from high schools in their region.  Athletes suspected of having a concussion can visit one of these clinicians for evaluation and to take a post-injury ImPACT test.  ACA does not cover costs of post-injury tests and office visits; most major insurances cover ImPACT testing and evaluations.

ACA desires to put aside each clinicians’ business affiliation.  We hope to create a complete network of clinicians working together to provide the best concussion management services possible, regardless of individual clinic or practice loyalty.  Many of these clinicians compete for patients in the normal healthcare world; we want concussion management to be cooperative and interconnected.

Are you a clinician that would like to be part of the Athletes Concussion Alliance?  Please send an email to

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Can’t find a specific physician or clinic listed on our site? Let us know and we can help you determine if they are part of the ACA or not. Call 765-730-1867 for additional service.