Dr Micky Collins teaches us all a lot about caring for athletes.

Great story about our mentor Dr Micky Collins and his cared for injured athletes.  Especially appreciate the comment that no one is more important than the athlete he is seeing at that moment.

NFL Funded Report

ESPN discusses the results of an NFL-funded report that states the average high school football player is nearly twice as likely to suffer a brain injury as a college player.  Click here to watch.

PBS Frontline – Concussion Watch

Concussion Watch is an effort to monitor the NFL’s response to the persistent risk of head injury in professional football.”

ESPN ask some hard questions about concussions.

View a video here about an ESPN look at concussions as they ask athletes, athletic trainers, parents and coaches a series of hard hitting topics.

Concussions reported in NFL up 21 percent from last season

It appears the number of concussions is larger than last year, but the head, neck and spine medical committee feels like the culture is changing. Read the article here.

About Us

After receiving endorsement from ImPACT Applications, Inc.—test developers, directors, and staff located in Pittsburgh—Dr. Todd Arnold and Dr. Patrick Kersey were challenged with the task of creating a similar operation in Indiana.  Dr. Arnold and Dr. Kersey are Credentialed ImPACT Consultants and have been asked to serve as official liaisons to Pittsburgh’s ImPACT team.  In addition, Thedacare, a group in Appleton, Wisconsin, has also been endorsed by ImPACT Applications, Inc. for the purpose of training clinicians to use ImPACT software, which they have been providing for multiple years now.  These two entities are the only Credentialed ImPACT Consultants outside of Pittsburg that are able to provide ImPACT training to other physicians/psychologists who want to use the ImPACT software.

In 2010, the Athletes Concussion Alliance was formed to help reduce the number of concussions that went undetected and untreated in high school athletes.  The network is composed of members from a variety of disciplines:  certified athletic trainers, athletic directors, teachers, school nurses, coaches, and parents.  These people make up the front line of concussion recognition and evaluation; they are vital to identifying an athlete that may be concussed, as well as monitoring the athlete and seeking emergency care if needed.  Personnel in this category can administer baseline ImPACT tests to high school athletes.  The next group to assist with concussion management is made up of physicians, psychologists, neurologists, and neuropsychologists.  The clinicians working with ACA have been trained to administer, read, and interpret ImPACT post-injury tests.  The baseline ImPACT tests are compared to the post-injury ImPACT tests to assess the athletes’ neurocognitive function after a concussion is sustained.

When the athlete is feeling better and the ImPACT test results are back to baseline, the attending clinician will make a return-to-play decision.  This protocol will help to reduce the number of athletes that return to the playing field prior to complete healing of their brain injury.  We hope this reduces the number of incidences of Second Impact Syndrome and post-concussive symptoms that can last a lifetime.

ACA can also provide baseline ImPACT tests to groups or club sports (athletes age 10 and up), or to individual athletes whose high school is not participating in ACA’s program.  Baseline tests can be purchased in this manner at $5.00 per test.  If you’d like more information about obtaining baseline ImPACT tests for your club or group sports, please contact us.