Dr Micky Collins teaches us all a lot about caring for athletes.

Great story about our mentor Dr Micky Collins and his cared for injured athletes.  Especially appreciate the comment that no one is more important than the athlete he is seeing at that moment.

Concussions in all sports

Concussions can occur in all sports, Dale Earnhardt Jr makes some great comments

The Big Idea:Concussions

This is a short article written For National Geographic introducing the potential effect of repetitive injuries to collision sport athletes.

ESPN ask some hard questions about concussions.

View a video here about an ESPN look at concussions as they ask athletes, athletic trainers, parents and coaches a series of hard hitting topics.

Concussions reported in NFL up 21 percent from last season

It appears the number of concussions is larger than last year, but the head, neck and spine medical committee feels like the culture is changing. Read the article here.

Welcome to the ACA Indiana Website!

The Athletes Concussion Alliance (ACA) is all about concussion awareness — especially for parents of students participating in high school sports.

ACA uses an online concussion assessment tool called ImPACT (Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) to establish a baseline neurocognative test, and to  assist with the diagnosis, treatment, and disposition of concussive injury.

Our goal is to educate athletes, parents, coaches, and members of the healthcare community about the serious health consequences of concussion, including the permanent damage that can be caused if the brain is not allowed to completely heal before returning to sport or activity.

Thanks to a number of generous grants and donations, ACA can donate baseline ImPACT tests to nearly all Indiana high school athletes.

Visit the ImPACT website for specific information about the ImPACT test.